All clients have the right to:

A. Be treated in a considerate and respectful manner; as well as, have property and personal belongings treated with respect.
B. Know the name, work telephone number and duties of any staff.
C. Participate in surveys regarding proposed new activities or changes.
D. Know the cost of services (when applicable) prior to accepting services.
E. Designate an emergency contact person.
F. Be proud with services without discrimination as to age, race, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or source of payment.
G. Voice grievances and suggest changes in service or staff without fear of restraint or discrimination.
H. Privacy.
I. Confidentiality of records, unless the participant signs for the release of information to a specific individual, agency or entity, or the staff have reason to believe the client is being abused, neglected, or exploited, in such case the staff shall report the situation to the Department for Community Based Services or law enforcement.
J. Participate in all activities/services ion an environment that is free of harassment, exploitation, intimidation, and bullying of any kind.
K. Receive a second meal serving, when extras are available.

All clients have the responsibility of:

A. Treating provider agency, staff members, volunteers, guests, and fellow senior participants with respect.
B. Physical or verbal abuse toward others, by the client, client’s family members, or guest of the client is prohibited. Violations of this may result in the termination of services and a ban from all activities at the senior center.
C. Providing all information requested by provider agency to determine eligibility.
D. Participating in the assessment of ongoing and new programs, providing information for the update of annual paperwork, including but not limited to: Nutritional Survey and Voter Declination.
E. Signing forms upon receiving a full explanation as to their content and purpose.
F. Refraining from offering gifts, tips, donations, or bribes to the workers who provide services.
G. Reporting inappropriate behavior of provider agency staff.
H. Pursuing all other funding sources for similar services for which the client may be eligible.
I. Refusal to pursue or participate in services provided by other funding sources may result in termination services.

I have read and accepted the Congregate Clients’ Rights and Responsibilities listed above. My signature here acknowledges that I understand my responsibilities as a client and that failure to abide by these standards could lead to reduced services or termination of services.*